The complete step-by-step guide to create and deploy your multi-language website - Part 1

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I’ve written over and over about why you should have a blog and write on it. I made this website using nothing but free tools. The only thing I paid was my domain ( and I find this super cool! ๐Ÿคฉ

When I created my website I realied on a lot of different tutorials, one for each part of it. Because the process of creating it can be quite tricky, I decided to create a full, step-by-step tutorial.

Why should your company be in technology communities?

My participation in technology communities over the last 3 years, lead me to notice that it’s always tricky to show to companies which donโ€™t interact with this technology ecosystem, how beneficial it is for them to get involved. Many people (developers or not) struggle within their companies, trying to show how much they could benefit from this.