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A mountain tale

A guy is setting on the top of a mountain and watching a beautiful sunset. The light is so bright you almost can't see the landscape.

There are people who can play the piano wonderfully while others can’t even clap in rhythm (me). There are people who can express themselves well and people who cannot deal with the countless thoughts that flow through their brain. There are multiple types of intelligence.

In the past few days I have had several philosophical conversations with people of all kinds. A recurring theme was a feeling of inability, of mediocrity, mixed with drops of sadness and a handful of blindness. Blindness? Yes, blindness.

“The problem with the world is that idiots are sure and smart people are full of doubts” (Bertran Russel - I think).

I see wonderful people, with several different talents, considering themselves “mediocre”. People who are in the middle of an uphill climb who look up and say “my God! How far I am from the top!” while they forget how many people are at the base of the mountain. Paralized in fear (or laziness) of trying to climb. I see unique people with impressive talents. They don’t realize that they have distinct qualities that make them unique and it is those qualities that, without them noticing, make them sensational.

“In practice, we are all mediocre in one way or another” (Elias Dorneles)

Knowing how to value your path, your sweat and your tears is difficult. Looking at my idol and saying that I fall far short is productive because it makes us move and challenge us. But what do we leave behind? What about our footprints in the mud? What about the scars we carry?

It is important to realize that there is who I am, who I think I am and how people see me. I often believe that how people see me doesn’t represent who I am. But our essence overflows, in every little sentence, in every little attitude (there are exceptions, of course, I am not dictating rules). But I believe that paying attention to how people see you helps to put us in a different perspective. Whether to value what is being done, or to reflect on our attitudes.

Our urgency to be perfect, in terms of the perfect salary, the perfect partner, the perfect body, the perfect brain makes us anxious for a mountain top that, in fact, doesn’t exist. Our dreams are mere indefinite directions. Our plans are like tracing a route in a rough sea and a strong wind: they can work or they can go wrong and take us on different paths.

And then I wonder: what are we trying to be perfect for? If at the end of the day, in difficult times, the world comes down to about 4 or 5 people that love you unconditionally? Yes, they are few… and you know what? They love you and will love you unconditionally. Regardless of how you are or will be. Of that, I’m sure.

Let’s look at the top of the mountain, but also look down and appreciate the work of getting where we are.

Are we going to look at those who are a few meters (or even kilometers) above and know that they have been there longer? Trying harder? Fighting as much as we do?

Let’s look at our fellow climbers and say, “I understand your struggle. I am here for whatever you need.”

And let’s value what makes us unique, what makes us stand out from the crowd.

“The opposite of ‘lack’ is not ‘abundance’, it’s enough”

Where in the mountain are you? How difficult was it to get there?

In my place in the mountain, the view is beautiful in any direction I look.