Hi! I'm Leticia

A little about myself...

I am an oceanographer that discovered to be passionate about programming.

I joined several groups including Pyladies and last year's national conference organization (Python Brazil[12]). I'm an open-source enthusiast and a living proof of the community's power and of what it can do for a person.

Although I am not originally from the computer sciences, I have a vast experience with data analysis programming scripts (specially with Matlab and Python) and a long experience working with multidisciplinary teams (such as biologists, engineers, managers, field workers, navy commanders, etc). I've been working with web development during the past year till now and I am happy being a programmer. Also, I am dedicate and fast learning.

I am crazy about books and, in particular the Chronicles of Ice and Fire and all their theories. I like to write as much as I like to read. So, to help young passionate programmers, I write several blog posts to share my knowledge and my life experiences.

Now I am part of the awesome team of Crave Food Services.

Sometimes we code, sometimes we play awesome table tennis matches.

I like to move around and do stuff...

Things I helped organize

Scipy Latin America (ScipyLA) - 16 to 20 May 2016 - Florianópolis/SC

Python Brasil [12] - 14 to 18 Oct 2016 - Florianópolis/SC

Django Girls - Python Brasil[12] - 14 Oct 2016 - Florianópolis/SC

Django Girls - Caipyra - 23 Jun 2017 - Ribeirão Preto/SP

Caipyra - 23 to 27 Jun 2017 - Ribeirão Preto/SP

Groups I am (or was) part of

Anitas - Florianópolis/SC

Pyladies Floripa - Florianópolis/SC

Pyladies Ribeirão Preto - Ribeirão Preto/SP

Python Group - Ribeirão Preto/SP

Python Group - Florianópolis/SC

Open Source Contribution

Django Simple History - Colaborator


Python Social App

Intermediate Python (translation to pt-br)

Python Documentation (translation to pt-br and revisor)

Serenata de Amor


And what someone wrote about me s2...

On March17, the Cheesecake Labs added me on a list as an inspiration to them in the technology field. :D

Some of the talks I have done...

Mulheres na Tecnologia - Você já se desafiou hoje? [The Developer's Conference - Mai/2016]

Programação Além do Código: Comunidade e Mulheres na Tecnologia [Caipyra - Jun/2016]

Você já se desafiou hoje? [Conéctar Experience - Ago/2016]

Programação Além do Código: Comunidade e Mulheres na Tecnologia [PyBr12 - Oct/2016]

Live coding with Django and Restless [Google I/O Extended - Ribeirão Preto - May/2017]

Como analisar dados desconhecidos? Exemplos de Análise Exploratória Utilizando Dados Abertos de Alagoas [Data Science fo Business weekend - Jun/2017]

Talks to come...

Keynote [Python Sul - Set/2017]

Tutorial de Introdução aos módulos de Análise de Dados [Python Brasil - Oct/2017]

... and I like to write!

I like to write. Like... a lot! I begun with my life story and didn't stop ever since :)

Some texts are in portuguese, some are in english and some I had the patience to translate to both languages.

Portuguese version

English version

De oceanógrafa a programadora

From oceanographer to programmer


The same os story: how can I start learning how to code?


There is just too much information...


Are we getting the wrong career advises?


A tale of a kingdom far far away in another dimension

Dev para leigos...

Dev for dummies...

Como revisar código alheio?

How to review someone else's code

Como usamos Relações Genéricas do Django para adicionar comentários em instâncias de diferentes modelos

How we used generic relations to add comments to model instances

Meu primeiro ano como dev

My first year as a developer

Mulheres Ambiciosas

The ambicious women


How to make simple endpoints with Django using Restless

Como contribuir para um projeto open source pela primeira vez sem escrever código