Hey there! Welcome!

I am an oceanographer that discovered to be passionate about programming.

I joined several groups including Pyladies and last year's national conference organization (Python Brazil[12]).

I'm an open-source enthusiast and a living proof of the community's power and of what it can do for a person.

Although I am not originally from the computer sciences, I have a vast experience with data analysis programming scripts (specially with Matlab and Python) and a long experience working with multidisciplinary teams (such as biologists, engineers, managers, field workers, navy commanders, etc).

I've been working with web development during the past year till now and I am happy being a programmer. Also, I am dedicate and fast learning.

I am crazy about books and, in particular the Chronicles of Ice and Fire and all their theories. I like to write as much as I like to read. So, to help young passionate programmers, I write several blog posts to share my knowledge and my life experiences.

Now I am part of the awesome data science team of Softplan.